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Amazon Mission Fellowship is a Christian organization that serves in covenant relationship with churches
in the Peruvian Amazon for the shared purpose of nurturing spiritual growth in and through Jesus Christ.

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Fit-2-Drink is a project of Amazon Mission Fellowship. The idea started as AMF Board member Sarah Beth Mulet ran a marathon and people pledged amounts for each mile ran that would total a minimum of one filter. (The special logo for the water program was developed by Hometown Sportswear to reflect the marathon and providing water)
The results were great!

AMF is continuing the program. For each donation of $51.50, a family in the Peruvian Amazon will have a water filter system placed in their home, enabling that family to have safe drinking water for up to three years! This will improve the overall health of the entire family by greatly reducing the parasites ingested by drinking raw river water.

You may select from the option of donating a specified number of filters or
donate an amount of your choice (the second button below).

100% of the funds donated to the Fit-2-Drink program will be used to purchase, deliver and install the water filters.

If you would like to donate to this mission, please review the options below.

Thank you!

Select the number of filters from the drop down list, then click on the
"Buy Now" Button to complete your donation through PayPal!

Water Filters for Amazon Families

If you would prefer to donate a designated amount of your own choice
to this cause, please use the option below.

Thank You!




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